Intel Software

Intel's software tools can help you at every stage of the development process – build, analysis, debugging and tuning.

These tools accelerate application performance, increasing reliability and scalability. As a result, the code is transformed into high-performance solutions for distributed processing and HPC environments, making your applications even more efficient and amazing.

Build high-performance applications, including parallel applications used for multicore and manycore processors.

Software Sources is proud to be an Intel® Elite Reseller; we have a deep knowledge of how the tools are licensed – we can help you choose the right solution and edition to suit your needs and help you make your applications even better. We regularly run events with Intel® Software (and other vendors) to help you use the tools and learn about the latest features.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Design, build, verify, and tune your code faster with a suite of software development tools that simplify parallel programming while boosting application performance.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE combines compilers, performance libraries, error checking, and performance profiling to deliver fast and reliable parallel code for C, C++, Fortran, and Python that scales on todays and next-gen processors and co-processors.

More and more, applications need to run faster across multiple devices and perform multiple actions, such as big data analytics, image analysis, machine-learning applications, simulations, and time-critical financial analysis. Intel® Parallel Studio XE  will help your software run faster and help you achieve more complex work in the same amount of time.

Parallel Studio is available in 3 editions:



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